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Secrets from a Lawyer: How to Save on Legal Fees During a Lawsuit

You’ve hired an attorney either to file a lawsuit or because you are being sued. One of the first steps after a lawsuit has been filed is “written discovery,” which involves both sides asking each other to answer questions and turn over documents related to the case. While discovery is your attorney’s chance to uncover new evidence that benefits your case, most people do not know that it is also a great opportunity to save money on the entire lawsuit as a whole.

How Can the Discovery Process Save You Money?

By assisting your lawyer when she sends you a “written discovery” that you need to answer, you can cut down your total legal costs. Consider this your homework and strive to make an A! If you are willing to put some time and thought into this process, you can really save on legal fees because you will reduce the time your lawyer must spend finalizing your answers and organizing your documents. By making your lawyer’s job easier, you save money.

Consider these extra tips to make your discovery process better and your lawsuit less costly:

  • Get started right away because there is a deadline you need to meet. You can help your lawyer by providing organized answers and documents promptly.
  • Answer the questions in a Word document and number them. If you must answer by hand, write legibly, and still use a numbering system for easy and quick referencing later. Answer every question, even if you think the lawyer already knows the answer or has it in her file.
  • Take the time to look up any info you need to give a complete answer. Read the questions carefully. Your lawyer will need to assist in answering some questions. That’s okay – just answer what you can.
  • Don’t worry about giving too much information. Once your lawyer receives your answers, she will edit them as needed. That’s why it’s so helpful to send your answers to your lawyer in a Word document with plenty of time before the deadline expires.
  • Send your lawyer all of the documents requested at the same time, after you have gathered them all. Don’t send 20 emails to your lawyer, attaching 20 different documents as you find them. It takes time for your lawyer to properly analyze and save each one – and time is money.
  • If you are dropping off your answers and documents at your lawyer’s office, take them all at once in a single packet. Each document should be clearly labeled and neatly organized.
  • If your lawyer contacts you for more information after you have sent in your answers, get back to your lawyer quickly. Your answers will be more useful while she has your case fresh on her mind.

The discovery phase of your lawsuit is your best opportunity to save significantly on your legal fees. Make it count by planning ahead and being both organized and punctual. You will be glad you did when your case concludes, and you notice your attorney fees are smaller than what you originally expected.

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