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Most Frequent Locations Car Accidents Take Place

Car accidents happen all the time and are unavoidable in most cases. While you may be able to do things like regularly maintaining your vehicle, practicing safe driving, and following all traffic laws to reduce your chances of getting into an accident, the truth is, there may be no way to avoid a collision when another driver is driving with negligence.

To help keep you safe on the road, we want to cover some of the most common places that car accidents occur—they probably aren’t where you’d think!

Close to Home

When asked where you think most accidents take place, you may think of somewhere on Highway 72 or 385. I mean, they have the most traffic, which means a higher chance of accidents—right? While it is true that many accidents happen on highways, the majority of auto accidents happen within five miles from home.

Driving in our “old stomping grounds” causes many of us to drive on autopilot. We are extremely familiar with our surroundings and because of this, accidents occur. Be sure to pay close attention to the road when driving close to home.

Parking Lots

With the many forms of traffic happening in a parking lot, it should come as no surprise that many accidents take place in parking lots each year. Between pedestrian crossing, other vehicles, vehicles pulling in and out of spaces, and delivery trucks parking in obscene positions, driving in a parking lot can be a mess at times.

To help prevent parking lot accidents from happening, you can do your best to keep your eyes on the road and to be constantly scanning for any potential hazards. Some of the most common reasons for parking lot accidents include:

  • Not scanning properly

  • Pedestrians crossing without you knowing

  • Rear-ending another while pulling out of a parking spot

How Snider & Horner Can Help

While car accidents are a common occurrence for many people every day, it doesn’t take away the severity of them and the debilitating damage they may cause. It’s important to protect your rights and ensure you are set up to take on what life brings your way.

Working with an experienced Germantown personal injury attorney will ensure you pursue the best possible outcome for your case.

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