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Not Every Personal Injury Attorney Goes to Trial

Most movies and television shows based on lawyers focus on their work in courtrooms; they object things, they make amazing speeches, and they have tumultuous-but-respectful relationships with judges.

But the big screen doesn’t depict every law firm accurately.

While some lawyers make objections, rehearse speeches, and interact with judges face-to-face, others rarely step foot in courtrooms. That’s why you should know that not every personal injury attorney goes to trial.

Benefits and Negatives of Settling Cases

A settlement is when the defendant’s team offers the plaintiff a sum of money to settle a legal dispute outside of court. Settling outside of court is appropriate in a variety of personal injury cases, but that doesn’t mean its best for every situation.

Potential benefits of settling include:

  • Faster case results;

  • Guaranteed recovery amounts;

  • Attorneys can take on more cases.

Potential negatives of settling include:

  • Low recovery amounts compared to possible court awards;

  • Defendants may refuse legal responsibility for negligent acts;

  • Settlements aren’t best for every case.

There is nothing inherently wrong with settling, but some cases should go to court. Unfortunately, not every attorney goes to court to fight for clients. However, Snider & Horner not only goes to court but is nationally recognized for our courtroom capabilities.

Choose a Firm That Can Go to Trial

If you or a loved one receives personal injuries at the hands of negligence, it’s wise to pick a law firm that has trial experience. Not every case goes to trial, but hiring a firm known for award-winning representation could make all the difference in your recovery.

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